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Christopher Aguirre

Christopher Aguirre

In 2006, Christopher, our son, brother, friend’s, life tragically ended. He was hit by a drunk driver while walking in downtown Ft. Lauderdale. Christopher was only 23 years old.

Our family has come together and has found a positive expression through this tragedy by creating the Christopher Memorial Foundation which funds the Christopher Aguirre Memorial Scholarship.

It has been a way for our family, our friends and our community to partner and pay tribute to the amazing person Christopher was, while supporting a great cause.

Wellington is where Christopher grew up; he graduated from Wellington High School in 2001. And Christopher’s accident was just weeks before his graduation from Florida State University.

Christopher had a passion for helping people, now that can be shared through our foundation.

Our mission to give back to our community through educational and athletic programs and to provide opportunities to children and young adults in the western communities.

The Christopher Aguirre Memorial Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3). Click here for documentation.

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